Sacred Songs and Solos

Sacred Songs and Solos has been in my bookshelf a really long time, and I take a look at it every once in a while, but tonight I understood more of what a treasure it really is. This past week I´ve been reading a book named Mrs. Howard Taylor, by Joy Guinness. Mary Geraldine Taylor has become a dear friend and inspiration to me in so many ways. I so admire the burning passion she has for the gospel and the way by which she shares the good news of God´s mercy and grace to whomever she stumbles upon, and the Lord used her life in wonderful ways – bringing many souls into His glorious light.

She often quotes old hymns and songs in her personal and pubic writing, and I´ve been posting quite a few of those songs on facebook. But as I now took down Sacred Songs and Solos again, I realized how many of the songs she´d been singing would be in this book I myself had. I´ve often wondered at the richness of the language in the old hymns and songs compared to the modern lyrics of such songs, and it´s been bothering me how often the focus in modern worship surrounds us humanbeings instead of the Blessed Saviour, the Majestic, Holy and Awesome God whom we serve.

As I once again looked at the book I had brought with me from a little Christian bookshop in York, England, I saw that the introduction contained a few interesting details. It read:

«In this Revised and Enlarged Collection of «Sacred Songs and Solos» will be found most of the old favourites sung by Mr.Sankey in the great Revival Meetings conducted by Mr. Moody during their three notable campaigns in this country; together with a number of new pieces which have more recently become popular, and many others now published for the first time.»

I know Mr.Moody, and if these were songs they picked for the revival meetings conducted by him, I know they are worth taking another look at.

So I will post some of them here on my blog. Sometimes just the songs, sometimes I might add a comment or emphasize something I find important at the time. We´ll see, but I am excited to take a proper look at them and enjoy their timeless message. I´ll title them by the number they have been given in Sacred Songs and Solos, and by the author.

Dette innlegget ble publisert i Norway, Oslo og merket med , . Bokmerk permalenken.

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