Thank you, Lord, for ..

1. Meeting the school choir from my high school, Kvitsund, in my church in Oslo – got the opportunity to tell a whole lot fo them to give my sister a hug when they get back there.

2. Heading out after church to eat at Jensens Bøfhus with a group we call «iMat». Always fun!

3. Drinking a wonderful hot chocolate at Jensens

4. Having a chill afternoon with a sweet group of girls from my church, just hanging out and talking while drinking cups of coffee.

5. More ppl coming over in the evening! Just hanging out with this amazing group from my church, playing games, seeing the competative spirits at work, drinking coffee in the sunshine, laughing our butts off, and enjoying good stories and flapjacks together .

6. My first time of making Flapjacks – and they ended up being perfect !

7. The smiles on the faces of my guyfriends when they see I do my pull-ups all wrong. haha.. Fail!

8. Having a quiet time with worship and prayer after all the dishes are done, and some nightfood is cooking on the stove.

9. Isa.30:15 «For thus said the LORD GOD, the Holy One of Israel, «In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.»»

Oh, how blessed I am!

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