Girls Biblestudy

A few weeks ago, some other girls and I got together and decided to start a girls Biblestudy. We´re going through the Gospel of John, and for now just reading and talking through what the Lord shows us in the text. It´s been a good time, but I feel totally unequipped and lacking knowledge as we go through it.  Yet, I know that this is a great place to be in, because it makes me completely dependant upon the Lord. At the same time, please pray that the Lord will open up His Word to us all, and show us the truths the text contains. At the same time as we are willing to be humble enough to admit when we just don´t know (I guess that one mainly applies to myself). We want to grow as a group in fellowship with one another, and in fellowship with the amazing God whom we serve.

We meet every Wednesday evening at 8pm (CET), and spend a few hours together, reading, praying and talking about different topics that are on our hearts. Besides having this blessed time together, we also attend the same study, a Bachelor´s Degree in Social Work at Diakonhjemmet University College (

Please pray for us.
Stay blessed!

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