Ethiopia next!!!!

A two months ago I applied for a job as som kind of an intern for a Norwegian missionary organisation (NMS), two weeks ago they called me for an intervju, and two days ago they called me and told me they wanted to offer me the job! God alone is the One who gave me the job, and I know He is blessing me in this, so of course I said yes!

This means that I have a year in Ethiopia to look forward to, and I am so exited! I don’t know too much of what I’ll do there, but they will adjust the program so it will be an opportunity for me to work with something I enjoy, and at the same time grow a lot both spiritually and as a person.

I’ll leave in August, and I’ll have a whole year to explore and enjoy everything God puts in my way down there. So much sun, so much fun, so many beautiful people, so many opportunities to grow in my walk with God, so much service ahead, and so much grace and love ready to overwhelme me when I feel like I fail.

I am so exited. Please keep me and all the preparations in your prayers.
I am so blessed! I have an amazing God!

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