My dream of Africa.. because I dream of Africa

The Bible tells us of Jesus magnificently raising Lazarus from the dead, healing numerous deathly ill people, and feeding thousands. What the Bible does not mention, but what must be true is that years later, Lazarus still died. The people Jesus healed were inevitably sick again at some point in their lives. The people Jesus fed miraculously were hungry again a few days later. More important than the very obvious Might and Power shown by Jesus’s miracles is His LOVE. He loved these people enough to genuinely care, to do everything in His power to make it better. He entered into their suffering and loved the right there. We aren’t really called to save to the world, not even to save one person; Jesus has already done that. We are just called to love with abandon. With EVERYTHING we have. We are called to enter in to our neighbor’s suffering and love them right there. – Katie Davis

Kate Davis lives a life in Uganda, Africa, that I long to follow; a life full of beautiful children that she loves with the love of Christ Himself. But at the same time as I long for the kind of life she has, I know God has His own timing and He has His own way of preparing and sending out every single one of His children. I’m still on the preparation-path, and I guess I will be for quite a while still, but every day is one step closer to the  future He has for me. So I’m waiting while studying Him and His Word more deeply here at Calvary Chapel Bible College in York. The praparation time really isn’t all that bad..  

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